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Suryakrupa Finance Limited (SFL) was incorporated on 6th November, 1986 as a Public Limited Company. The Certificate of commencement of business was obtained on 27th February. 1987 from the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra, Bombay.

1. The primary objective of the company is to carry on the business of leasing, hiring, selling, letting, hire-purchase and as a hire-purchase finance company carrying on as its business hire-purchase transaction or the financing of such transaction and an equipment leasing company on the business of leasing of equipment or the financing of such activity and to acquire, provide on lease or on hire-purchase or deferred payment or on other similar basis all types of plant and machineries, industrial and office equipments, appliances, vehicles, land and building, real estates, moveable and immoveable properties. The company also will provide a package of investment/merchant banking services and financing of industrial enterprises, including providing venture capital, seed capital, loan capital and the like.

2. The Primary Object  of the company is to provide a package of investment/merchant banking service by acting as managers to public issue of shares, stocks, Debentures stocks, Bonds, Securities, act as issue house and to carry on the business of registrars and share transfer agents and to provide a complete range of financial or management consultancy services like investment planning, loan syndication trade credit including for import and export, estate planning, tax planning portfolio management, Counselling services in various fields, General administrative commercial, Financial, Legal, Economic, Labour, Industrial, Public relation, Scientific, Technical, direct and indirect control, data processing by acquiring/purchasing sophisticated office machineries such as computers, tabulators, addressing machines.

3. The Primary Object  of the company is   to finance industrial enterprise and to provide venture capital, Seed capital, loan capital and to participate in equity/preference share capital or to give guarantee behalf of the company in the matter and to promote and/or establish companies engaged in industrial, trading and servicing business and to act as brokers, dealers, agents, and to carry on the business of share broking, money broking, exchange broking, bill broking and general brokers for shares, debentures, debentures stocks, general units, obligations, securities, commodities, bullion, currencies and to promote industrial finance by way of advance, deposit or lend money, securities and properties to or with any company, body corporate, firm, person or association with or without security and on such terms as may be determined from time to time.

4. The Primary Object  of the company is to carry on the business of logistics, transportation by road, Rail, Sea and air, Warehousing, cargo handling, loading and unloading, brokering, supply chain management, shipping agents, shipping agency, transport, stevedores, clearing and forwarding agents, custom house agent, container line, international and national freight forwarding, vessel chartering, custom related works, cargo owners, ship brokers, fleet owners.

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